typeface design

published by Typonine
year 2013

Mote is a low-contrast utilitarian sans serif typeface designed mainly for print. Its design started out in early 2012 as a student project at the postgraduate course Type and Media at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. Mote’s unpretentious look featuring subtle quirks was influenced by neutral gothic and grotesque designs. One could say it’s somewhat a constructed typeface but the shapes are never repeated in an identical manner. To make the letterforms harmonious and seamingly symmetrical, the shapes had to be made different from each other. Mote balances between being charming and maintaining it’s unintrusive character.

Mote is available in six weights with matching italics and a large character set with more than 1000 glyphs per font. Several Open­Type features are included: small capitals, case sensitive forms, ligatures, various kinds of numbers and fractions... This variety of styles, additional features and equipment make Mote a good choice even for the most complex of editorial projects. Still, being so unintrusive, Mote is potentially a good companion to a serifed or an expressive display typeface.

To test and buy visit Typonine. PDF sample is also available here.