visual identity

coauthor Dario Dević
client BLOK
year 2011

UrbanFestival is not your regular festival – different acts, performances and actions take place over a period of few months, from May to September. Because of a lot of unpredictable circumstances that go with performing in public space, we tried to make our design and its execution as flexible as possible. A4 flyers for separate events were printed on our office black and white printer and folded by hand (over 2400 of them in total), which allowed us to have them ready for distribution within 24 hours. The poster was not designed as a separate thing but was made as a collection of flyers for individual events. The twelve of them were hand arranged for each poster according to predetermined marks and connected into an irregular composition of 68 x 96 cm. This final visual evokes the practice of bill posters, where papers are covered up with new papers, but also the concept of a festival which builds itself continuously through five months.