coauthor Dario Dević
client Typonine
year 2013–2014

A collection of promotional video clips for the type systems Audree, Nocturno and Identitet developed for the Croatian digital type foundry Typonine. The technical features and the character of each typeface is illustrated by creating a collage of archival materials, stock footage and old video journals with additional visual, sound and light effects. The videos have been deliberately moved away from an elegant and pure aesthetics of similar font foundries so that an additional emphasis is placed on the atypical signature by Nikola Djurek which positions these type systems among the very best of the global production.

Audree, new type system from Typonine is consisted out of several hundred styles. Choosing between fifteen different serif shapes, two construction models, high or low contrast, and adding stencil or inline effects results in unique, expressive variations of Audree's letterforms. To show this we made a video montage from old videos and commercials, suggesting the customizable and variable character of the typeface.

Nocturno and Nocturno Display are brand new text and headline typefaces engineered for chic, highly elaborate typesetting. Compared to benchmark ‘humanist’ or ‘old style’ typefaces, the Nocturno series is broad-shouldered and heavy-armed: the rolling, dark silhouettes of its characters creates a soothing yet forceful impression that serves to anchor words no matter where they appear. These new letterforms perfectly suit the complexities of editorial design. The typeface was named after Miroslav Krleža's poem Nokturno and with the video we tried to achieve a noir atmosphere. We also wanted to avoid the usual typography video as an animated slideshow and go for a more moody teaser kind of thing.

Identitet (Croatian for identity) is a system of scripts – and therefore a system of fonts – designed to work together as a unified whole. Thickness of lines, x-height, upper case height and other elements have been carefully studied and defined to achieve stylistic and visual harmony in fonts based on vastly differing scripts. The scripts which form Identitet are: angular glagolitic, round glagolitic, Croatian cyrillic (bosančica), cyrillic, arebica and latin script.